Aquamarine International

Socially responsible Aquamarines

Marine Fish Breeding

Aquamarines International is the only marine fish breeder in Sri Lanka and one of the handful of companies that breed Seahorses commercially. The company producers 15 varieties of Clown Fish, Fire Shrimps, Cleaner shrimps and 5 other species of fish. Captive breeding of these specimens ensures the wild harvest of these species are reduced.

Breeding and release of endangered species back to the wild

Aquamarines released two endangered Barbus species (Puntius Bandula & Puntius srilankesis) back in to their natural habitat following a captive breeding project for endangered species in Sri Lanka.The project has been a big success with the monitored number of fish increasing rapidly ensuring the survival of two marvellous species.

Live Rock Culture

Aquamarines also produce its trademark live-rock which is known to be the best artificial live rock in the world to date. The recipe developed by Aquamarines is under patent as of now. This amazing invention releases stress on reefs around the world where reefs are broken for live rock to display in home aquariums.

Introduction of new fish species

Company's interest in aquarium fish goes several steps beyond the pure commercial objectives, as evidenced from the discovery of a new species of fish aptly named Danio Pathiranain honor of Mr Ananda Pathirana.  Moreover a fish was named in honor of Mr Yohan Pathirana in the genes Pemphris sp.has been named as Pemphris Pathirana.