Aquamarine International

Marketing Our Sea Horses

There are sources of “captive bred Seahorses” available in the world market that are raised in cages in the wild; hence the survival rate is as poor as with wild collected Seahorse. The customers should be educated and preclude from deception. Aquamarines labeled Seahorses are 100% tank bred, 100% tank raised and they feed on frozen food soon after arrival; hence the survival rate is 100%. The following important facts should help you market our Seahorses.

  • Aquamarines Seahorses feed on frozen foods soon after arrival. Other seahorses found in the market does not feed on frozen food thus a higher percentage is susceptible to death because they are collected or raised in cages in the wild.

  • Aquamarines is the only exporter in the world reproducing Hippocampus reidi on a commercial basis.

  • Hippocampus reidi grows up to a foot or more.

  • Hippocampus reidi is more colourful than other seahorse specimens and has several attractive bands around its body.
  • Aquamarines Seahorse comes with world recognised CITES permits for Hippocampus reidi and Hippocampus comes

  • Every single Marine fish bred in our farm releases stress on the wild stocks