Aquamarine International

Our Facilities

Aquamarines currently own the largest exports facility in Asia for marine fish exports. Over 10000 tanks of marine fish maintained by a sate of the art filter system.

2000 tanks for marine fish (80000 gallons) maintained by simply the best filtering system in Sri Lanka.

2000 tanks (100000 gallons) maintained by a state of the art filtering system.

10000 cubicles are especially built to stock shrimps, which are maintained by an intriguing filtering system.

Marine and freshwater quarantine facilities.

Freshwater breeding projects for Guppy, Angels, Koi & Discuss

Freshwater out growing farms for Guppies, Angels, Koi etc.

Aquamarines own the only marine fish breeding farm in Sri Lanka breeding Seahorse and and 15 Clownfish species and shrimps..

Our Facilities