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Brown/White Feather

Fish Code : 196J
Scientific Name :Sabellastarte sp
Common Name :Brown/White Feather

Red Sea Lily

Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Crinoid SP
Common Name :Red Sea Lily

Golden Feather Duster

Fish Code : 196O
Scientific Name :Sabellastarte sp
Common Name :Golden Feather Duster

Hairy Toadstool Soft

Fish Code : 717N
Scientific Name :Sacrophyton Ehrenbergi
Common Name :Hairy Toadstool Soft

Hairy Toadstool Soft Hard

Fish Code : 717O
Scientific Name :Sacrophyton Glaucum
Common Name :Hairy Toadstool Soft Hard

Red Cluster Duster

Fish Code : 196BH
Scientific Name :Bispira brunnea
Common Name :Red Cluster Duster


Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Limaria-Scabra
Common Name :



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