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Blue line snapper

Fish ID : 1093
Fish Code : 098 G
Scientific Name :Lutjanus quinquelineatus
Common Name :Blue line snapper

Two-lined monocle Bream

Fish ID : 1094
Fish Code : 098 N
Scientific Name :Scolopsis Bleekeri
Common Name :Two-lined monocle Bream

Blue and Gold Striped Snapper

Fish ID : 1095
Fish Code : 098 M
Scientific Name :Symphorichthys Spilurus
Common Name :Blue and Gold Striped Snapper

Red & Green Snapper

Fish ID : 1096
Fish Code : 097 B
Scientific Name :Lutianus fulvus
Common Name :Red & Green Snapper

Red Emperor

Fish ID : 1097
Fish Code : 098 A
Scientific Name :Lutianus Sebae
Common Name :Red Emperor

True Kashmira Snapper

Fish ID : 2154
Fish Code : 098 H
Scientific Name :lutjanus kasmira
Common Name :True Kashmira Snapper

Whiptail Threadfin Bream

Fish ID : 2155
Fish Code : 098 O
Scientific Name :Pentapodus nemurus
Common Name :Whiptail Threadfin Bream



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