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Fan Bellied Leatherjacket

Fish ID : 1023
Fish Code : 023 R
Scientific Name :Monacanthus Chinensis
Common Name :Fan Bellied Leatherjacket

Scribbled filefish

Fish ID : 1024
Fish Code : 088 A
Scientific Name :Alutera scripta
Common Name :Scribbled filefish

Red tail File Fish

Fish ID : 1027
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Pervagor Melanocephalus
Common Name :Red tail File Fish

Leopard File Fish

Fish ID : 1028
Fish Code : 089 A
Scientific Name :Monocanthus pardalis
Common Name :Leopard File Fish

Longnosed File Fish

Fish ID : 1031
Fish Code : 091 A
Scientific Name :Oxymonocanthus longirostris
Common Name :Longnosed File Fish

Rhinoceros file fish

Fish ID : 1032
Fish Code : 022 BA
Scientific Name :Pseudalutarius nasicornis
Common Name :Rhinoceros file fish

Mosiac Leatherjacket

Fish ID : 1034
Fish Code : 090 D
Scientific Name :Eubalichthys mosaicus
Common Name :Mosiac Leatherjacket

Dumeriliis Leather Jacket

Fish ID : 1037
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Cantherhines dumerilii
Common Name :Dumeriliis Leather Jacket

Pygmy Leatherjacket

Fish ID : 1067
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Brachaluteres jacksonianus
Common Name :Pygmy Leatherjacket



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