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Spottail Gudgeon

Fish ID : 1017
Fish Code : 168 A
Scientific Name :Ptereleotris evides
Common Name :Spottail Gudgeon

Red Fire Fish

Fish ID : 1019
Fish Code : 024 H
Scientific Name :Nemateleotris magnifica
Common Name :Red Fire Fish


Fish ID : 1020
Fish Code : 024 K
Scientific Name :Nemateleotris helfrichi
Common Name :Helfrinchi

Decorated Fire Fish

Fish ID : 2143
Fish Code : 024 G
Scientific Name :Nemateleotris decora
Common Name :Decorated Fire Fish

Red & White Tilefish

Fish ID : 2144
Fish Code : 880 D
Scientific Name :Hoplolatilus Marcosi
Common Name :Red & White Tilefish

Purple Tilefish

Fish ID : 2145
Fish Code : 880 F
Scientific Name :Hoplolatilus Purpureus
Common Name :Purple Tilefish

Blue Belly dartfish

Fish ID : 2146
Fish Code : 170 D
Scientific Name :Ptereleotris monoptera
Common Name :Blue Belly dartfish

Chinese Zebra

Fish ID : 2147
Fish Code : 173 A
Scientific Name :Ptereleotris zebra
Common Name :Chinese Zebra

Blue blenny

Fish ID : 2148
Fish Code : 170 A
Scientific Name :Ptereleotris microlepis
Common Name :Blue blenny



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