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Red Tailed Blenny

Fish ID : 1000
Fish Code : 024 A
Scientific Name :Escenius bicolor
Common Name :Red Tailed Blenny

Dot Dash Blenny

Fish ID : 1001
Fish Code : 024 B
Scientific Name :Escenius lineatus
Common Name :Dot Dash Blenny

Yellow Blenny

Fish ID : 1002
Fish Code : 164 A
Scientific Name :Escenius midas
Common Name :Yellow Blenny

Jewelled Roskskipper

Fish ID : 1003
Fish Code : 949 G
Scientific Name :Salarias fasciatus (red fin)
Common Name :Jewelled Roskskipper

Blue and Gold Blenny

Fish ID : 1004
Fish Code : 024 M
Scientific Name :Ecsenius lividanalis
Common Name :Blue and Gold Blenny

Curious Worm Fish

Fish ID : 1005
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Gunnelichthys curiosus
Common Name :Curious Worm Fish

Segmented Blenny

Fish ID : 1006
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Salaria segmentatus
Common Name :Segmented Blenny

Golden Mimic Blenny

Fish ID : 1007
Fish Code : 167 G
Scientific Name :Plagiotremus tapeinosoma
Common Name :Golden Mimic Blenny

Canary Blenny

Fish ID : 1008
Fish Code : 167 E
Scientific Name :Meiacanthus oualanensis
Common Name :Canary Blenny



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