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Yellowtail Anemone Fish

Fish ID : 970
Fish Code : 116 A
Scientific Name :Amphiprion clarki
Common Name :Yellowtail Anemone Fish

Yellow Clown

Fish ID : 971
Fish Code : 118 A
Scientific Name :Amphiprion sebae
Common Name :Yellow Clown

Barrier Reef Anemonefish

Fish ID : 972
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Amphiprion akindynos
Common Name :Barrier Reef Anemonefish

Scissor Tail Clownfish

Fish ID : 974
Fish Code : 117 VA
Scientific Name :Amphiprion bicinctus
Common Name :Scissor Tail Clownfish

Orange White Lined Clownfish

Fish ID : 976
Fish Code : 118 BA
Scientific Name :Amphiprion sandaracinos
Common Name :Orange White Lined Clownfish

Skunk-stripe Anemonefish

Fish ID : 977
Fish Code : 116 NA
Scientific Name :Amphiprion Akallopisos
Common Name :Skunk-stripe Anemonefish

Bright Red Wild Nemo Clown

Fish ID : 978
Fish Code : 117 WA
Scientific Name :Amphiprion ocellaris
Common Name :Bright Red Wild Nemo Clown

True Percula Wild collected

Fish ID : 979
Fish Code : 117 PK
Scientific Name :Amphiprion percula (wild)
Common Name :True Percula Wild collected

Saddle Anemonefish

Fish ID : 980
Fish Code : 118 CA
Scientific Name :Amphiprion Ephippium
Common Name :Saddle Anemonefish



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