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Goldenscaled Angelfish

Fish ID : 132
Fish Code : 102 A
Scientific Name :Holocanthus xanthurus
Common Name :Goldenscaled Angelfish

Koran Angelfish

Fish ID : 133
Fish Code : 113 A
Scientific Name :Pomocanthus semicirculatus
Common Name :Koran Angelfish

Blue Ringed Angelfish

Fish ID : 134
Fish Code : 103 A
Scientific Name :Pomacanthus arcuatus
Common Name :Blue Ringed Angelfish

Emperor Angelfish

Fish ID : 135
Fish Code : 111 A
Scientific Name :Pomocanthus imperator
Common Name :Emperor Angelfish

Golden Flake Angel

Fish ID : 136
Fish Code : 100 CA
Scientific Name :Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus
Common Name :Golden Flake Angel

Tiger Angel Fish

Fish ID : 137
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Apolemichtys kingi
Common Name :Tiger Angel Fish

Armitage Angel

Fish ID : 138
Fish Code : 102B
Scientific Name :Apolomichthys amitage
Common Name :Armitage Angel

Flag Fin Angel

Fish ID : 139
Fish Code : 100 B
Scientific Name :Apolomichthys trimaculatus
Common Name :Flag Fin Angel

Blue Line Angel

Fish ID : 140
Fish Code : 110 SA
Scientific Name :Chaetodeontoplus septentrionalis
Common Name :Blue Line Angel



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