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Jack, Trevallies

Fish ID : 2201
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Carangoides gymnostethus
Common Name :Jack, Trevallies

Jack, Trevallies

Fish ID : 2202
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Carangoides fulvoguttatus
Common Name :Jack, Trevallies

Pony Fish

Fish ID : 2203
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Leiognathus Sp
Common Name :Pony Fish

Sand Sole Fish

Fish ID : 2204
Fish Code : 023 A
Scientific Name :Psettichthys melanostictus
Common Name :Sand Sole Fish

Striped Catfish

Fish ID : 2205
Fish Code : 132 A
Scientific Name :Plotosus lineatus
Common Name :Striped Catfish

Red band Goat Fish

Fish ID : 2206
Fish Code : 656 R
Scientific Name :Parupeneus atrocingulatus
Common Name :Red band Goat Fish

Yellow Spot Goat Fish

Fish ID : 2207
Fish Code : 656 B
Scientific Name :Parupeneus Indicus
Common Name :Yellow Spot Goat Fish

Yellow Goat Fish

Fish ID : 2208
Fish Code : 656 A
Scientific Name :Parupeneus cyclostomus
Common Name :Yellow Goat Fish

Octopus Blue Ring

Fish ID : 2209
Fish Code : 231 B
Scientific Name :Hapalochlaena maculosa
Common Name :Octopus Blue Ring



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