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Purple Tang

Fish ID : 62
Fish Code : 630
Scientific Name :Zebrasoma xanthurus
Common Name :Purple Tang (True Purple!)

Sohal Tang

Fish ID : 64
Fish Code : 626
Scientific Name :Acanthurus Sohal
Common Name :Sohal Tang

Elvis Damsel Fish

Fish ID : 1806
Fish Code : 120 DA
Scientific Name :Dascyllus marginatus
Common Name :Elvis Damsel Fish

Red Sea Sailfin Tang

Fish ID : 1807
Fish Code : 010 R
Scientific Name :Zebrasoma desjardini
Common Name :Red Sea Sailfin Tang

Regal Angel Fish

Fish ID : 1808
Fish Code : 111 D
Scientific Name :Pygoplites diacanthus
Common Name :Regal Angel Fish

Arabian Angel

Fish ID : 68
Fish Code : 650
Scientific Name :Pomocanthus asfar
Common Name :Arabian Angel Fish

Scissor Tail Clownfish

Fish ID : 1803
Fish Code : 117 VA
Scientific Name :Amphiprion bicinctus
Common Name :Scissor Tail Clownfish

Assasi Triger

Fish ID : 1804
Fish Code : 889
Scientific Name :Rhinecanthus assasi
Common Name :Assasi Triger

Red Breasted Wrasse

Fish ID : 1805
Fish Code : 070 FF
Scientific Name :Cheilinus fasciatus
Common Name :Red Breasted Red Sea Wrasse



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