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Sri Lanka Dotty Back

Fish ID : 2177
Fish Code : 678 A
Scientific Name :Pseudochromis dilectus
Common Name :Sri Lanka Dotty Back

Banded Longfin Dottyback

Fish ID : 2178
Fish Code : 085 BB
Scientific Name :Belonepterygion fasciolatum
Common Name :Banded Longfin Dottyback

Red Longfin Dottyback

Fish ID : 2179
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Suttonia Suttoni
Common Name :Red Longfin Dottyback

Diadema Pseudo

Fish ID : 2180
Fish Code : 678 B
Scientific Name :Pseudochromis Diadema
Common Name :Diadema Pseudo

Strawberry Pseudochromis

Fish ID : 2182
Fish Code : 678 C
Scientific Name :Pseudochromis porphyreus
Common Name :Strawberry Pseudochromis

Royal Dottyback

Fish ID : 2183
Fish Code : 678 F
Scientific Name :Pseudochromis Paccagnelae
Common Name :Royal Dottyback

Black Stripe White Dottyback

Fish ID : 2184
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Pseudochromis Perspicillatus
Common Name :Black Stripe White Dottyback

Double Striped Dottyback

Fish ID : 2185
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Pseudochromis Bitaeniatus
Common Name :Double Striped Dottyback

Red Spotted Dottyback

Fish ID : 2186
Fish Code : 678 G
Scientific Name :Pseudochromis Sp.
Common Name :Red Spotted Dottyback



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