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Blue Striped Grouper

Fish ID : 787
Fish Code : 149 A
Scientific Name :Cephalopholis formosa
Common Name :Blue Striped Grouper

Blue Spotted Peacock Grouper

Fish ID : 791
Fish Code : 148 A
Scientific Name :Cephalpholis argus
Common Name :Blue Spotted Peacock Grouper

Red Jewel Grouper

Fish ID : 796
Fish Code : 150 A
Scientific Name :Cephalpholis miniatus
Common Name :Red Jewel Grouper

Giant Grouper

Fish ID : 797
Fish Code : 150 QD
Scientific Name :Epinephelus lanceolatus
Common Name :Giant Grouper

Nothern Blue Devil

Fish ID : 798
Fish Code : 152 BC
Scientific Name :Paraplesiops poweri
Common Name :Nothern Blue Devil

Western Blue Devil

Fish ID : 800
Fish Code : 945 ZB
Scientific Name :Parapelesiops meleagris
Common Name :Western Blue Devil

Marine Betta

Fish ID : 804
Fish Code : 149 CA
Scientific Name :Calloplesiops Altivelis
Common Name :Marine Betta

Atlantic Blue Spotted Grouper

Fish ID : 805
Fish Code : 150 O
Scientific Name :Cephalopholis taeniops
Common Name :Atlantic Blue Spotted Grouper

Red Mouth Grouper

Fish ID : 2020
Fish Code : 149 D
Scientific Name :Aethaloperca rogaa
Common Name :Red Mouth Grouper



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