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Diagonal Bar Prawn Goby

Fish ID : 577
Fish Code : 161 A
Scientific Name :Amblyeleotris callopareia
Common Name :Diagonal Bar Prawn Goby

Sand Zebra Goby

Fish ID : 578
Fish Code : 162 A
Scientific Name :Amblyeleotris diagnalis
Common Name :Sand Zebra Goby

Lader Glider Goby

Fish ID : 579
Fish Code : 177 A
Scientific Name :Valenciennea sexguttata
Common Name :Lader Glider Goby

Red Weaver Goby

Fish ID : 580
Fish Code : 172 A
Scientific Name :Parapercis multiplicata
Common Name :Red Weaver Goby

Ribbon Goby

Fish ID : 581
Fish Code : 165 A
Scientific Name :Amblyeleotris gymnocephala
Common Name :Ribbon Goby

Orange Spotted Sand Goby

Fish ID : 582
Fish Code : 177 C
Scientific Name :Fusigobius Sp.
Common Name :Orange Spotted Sand Goby

Radium Goby

Fish ID : 583
Fish Code : 178 A
Scientific Name :Valenciennea strigata
Common Name :Radium Goby

Lagoon Shrimp Goby

Fish ID : 584
Fish Code : 169 D
Scientific Name :Cryptocentrus cyanotaenia
Common Name :Lagoon Shrimp Goby

Railway Glider

Fish ID : 587
Fish Code : 175 A
Scientific Name :Valenciennea helsdingeni
Common Name :Railway Glider



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