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Coral Beauty

Fish ID : 1842
Fish Code : 101 G
Scientific Name :Centropyge Bispinosus
Common Name :Coral Beauty

Flame Angel

Fish ID : 1843
Fish Code : 110 FA
Scientific Name :Centropyge loricula
Common Name :Flame Angel

Rusty Angel

Fish ID : 1844
Fish Code : 110 VD
Scientific Name :Centropyge ferrugatus
Common Name :Rusty Angel

Multicolour Angel Fish

Fish ID : 1845
Fish Code : 110 V
Scientific Name :Centropyge multicolour
Common Name :Multicolour Angel Fish

Blue Eye Lemon Peel angel

Fish ID : 1846
Fish Code : 110 W
Scientific Name :Centropyge flavissimus
Common Name :Blue Eye Lemon Peel angel

Midnight Angelfish

Fish ID : 1847
Fish Code : 109 B
Scientific Name :Centropyge Nox
Common Name :Midnight Angelfish

Vermiculated Angelfish

Fish ID : 1848
Fish Code : 101 JA
Scientific Name :Chaetodontoplus Mesoleucus
Common Name :Vermiculated Angelfish

Keyhole Angelfish

Fish ID : 1849
Fish Code : 101 D
Scientific Name :Centropyge Tibicine
Common Name :Keyhole Angelfish

Blackfin Angelfish

Fish ID : 1850
Fish Code : 101 H
Scientific Name :Centropyge Woodheadi
Common Name :Blackfin Angelfish



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