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Blue Finned Angelfish

Fish ID : 522
Fish Code : 101 S
Scientific Name :Centropyge multispinnis
Common Name :Blue Finned Angelfish

Yellow Finned Angelfish

Fish ID : 523
Fish Code : 099 A
Scientific Name :Centropyge flavipectoralis
Common Name :Yellow Finned Angelfish

Freckletail Lyretail Angelfish

Fish ID : 524
Fish Code : 110 Y
Scientific Name :Genicanthus Lamarck
Common Name :Freckletail Lyretail Angelfish

Venusta Angel

Fish ID : 526
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Paracentropyge venusta
Common Name :Venusta Angel

Blue Swallow Female

Fish ID : 1828
Fish Code : 625 C
Scientific Name :Genicanthus watanabei
Common Name :Blue Swallow Female

Flame Back Angel

Fish ID : 1829
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Centropyge aurantonotus
Common Name :Flame Back Angel

Golden Angel

Fish ID : 1830
Fish Code :
Scientific Name :Centropyge aurantius
Common Name :Golden Angel

Shepard Angel

Fish ID : 1831
Fish Code : 109 C
Scientific Name :Centropyge shepardi
Common Name :Shepard Angel

Yellow /Heraldi

Fish ID : 1832
Fish Code : 109 DA
Scientific Name :Centropyge heraldi
Common Name :Yellow /Heraldi



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